Six Luxury / Expensive looking bags for less than £50

I love a good dupe, here are my favourites I’ve found:

I love the box bag trend and this bag isn’t even really a bag it’s an actual box which I love. It’s completely different to all the other bags I own. In fact, Mango has loads of amazing unique looking bags for some pretty affordable prices so I highly recommend.

I mostly bought this bag because I wanted a simple black shoulder bag and I liked the look of this one. It actually took me a while to realise that it was actually an eBay dupe of the Chanel boy bag, whoops. I’m all for a good dupe though and considering this bag was only £15 I feel like it does look as if it could have been more.

3. Missguided tiger face backpack – Gucci inspired
This isn’t one of my own finds, I actually first saw this bag in a YouTube video. When I saw it I assumed it was probably a designer bag because of the gold tiger, when I found out it was from Missguided and only £12 I knew I had to get it.

4. Gucci dupe from New Look
I’m really proud of this find. I bought this in New Look on a shopping trip when I was 13 (which was 8 years ago) and whilst I’m pretty sure my knowledge of Gucci bags at the time wasn’t extensive, I remember I did recognise the pattern on it and decided to buy it. I’m quite proud of my 13-year-old self because this bag is an excellent example of a high street designer dupe.

5. Michael Kors dupe from Topshop

I started seeing people with the Michael Kors bag a lot and really liked the size and design, obviously I knew I wasn’t going to buy the real thing so I went on the hunt for a dupe and this one from TopShop fit the bill perfectly. I chose the one with rose gold hardware because I’m basic and love rose gold.
6. Celine dupe from eBay

I love the Celine bags because I like how the look like robot faces. This bag was so easy to find a dupe of on eBay because there’s tons. I have one in burgundy for autumn and one in a light blue for winter (I was kind of inspired by frozen).

Let me know if you’ve found any good dupes in the comments.

Alice May
Alice May
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