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Sunday, 29 July 2018


  1. Regard for one's own well-being and happiness.

Self - love and mindset are so important and require daily attention. Recently I have started doing a few new habits that have really helped me become happier, calmer and appreciate myself more.

1. Meditation

This is something I've started recently since every successful person ever seems to recommend it. At first, I thought it sounded a bit woo-woo but it's actually a really good way to relax and learn how to be more mindful. I use the app Headspace which I really enjoy because there's a whole library of meditations for different things including self-esteem, motivation and productivity. Also, students can get a headspace subscription and Spotify premium for £4.99 a month (click here for more info). I've got you covered! ;)

This app is by the same company that makes the happiness planner. Each day you can fill out sections in the app which include what you're excited about, what you're grateful for and good things that happened that day. I love this app because it gets you thinking with a more positive mindset about all the good things that happened that day. Also writing out everything you're grateful for each day makes you realise how much you have to be grateful for.

3. Excersise
I used to think people were lying when they said that exercise can make you happier but it's actually true. Recently I haven't been very on it with my workouts but when I am I can really tell the difference. Not only can a morning workout make you more productive but it will release endorphins that will make you happier and it will make you feel healthier and better about yourself because you're actually taking care of your body. My favourite workouts are at home workout videos and my favourites are by Lucy Wyndham-Read who has loads of workouts and motivational videos on her channel, all of her workouts are quick, easy, effective and for all fitness levels. I highly recommend!

4. Journalling
Journalling is one of the best ways to sort your thoughts out and reflect. There's also so many different types, every evening I sit and write about my day, things that have happened, my thoughts and feelings. It's the perfect way to get everything out of your mind before going to bed. I also write two pages in the morning about whatever comes to mind, this is called morning pages, you're actually supposed to write three pages but I only do two because ain't nobody got time for that! (you can watch this video by Lavendaire to find out more about morning pages). I also have a list of prompts that I use that are things like 'Where do you want to be in five years?' & 'What does your ideal day look like?' etc.

5. Clue
I never really used any period apps until I found this one and I think it's hands down the best one out there. As women, our bodies are ever changing depending on the time of month and clue helps you to keep track of all of these things. It's more than just a period tracking app, it allows to track so many things like your period (obvs), your weight, exercise, pain, appointments, sleep, emotions, medication and even nights out. It gives you predictions of what you can expect throughout the month for example when you can expect to be extra moody or when you'll feel the most motivated. Since using this app I feel like I've got to know my cycle and I know what to expect throughout the month, like exactly when I'll have cramps, headaches, low energy etc., which is so useful to know.

Let me know if you do any of these and what you do to stay happy in the comments.

'Everyday may not be good but there's good in everyday'

My Ring Collection & Favourite Websites to Get Affordable (But Boujee Looking) Jewelry

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Recently I've gotten way more into rings and I've found a few websites that have become my go-to's for boujee looking but affordable jewelry, particularly rings. 

Princess P Jewellery is the best website for extra looking jewelry. I found this website through their Instagram (@queenpee) which I've followed for a few years. All the rings look gorgeous and they have so many sparkly statement rings and loads of pieces inspired by celebrities. I have the Sunset ring and Hannah ring. They are based in America though so shipping to the UK takes forever.

This site is a more recent discovery of mine, I came across it through an Instagram (@indigolune) ad. They have a selection of really nice pieces ranging from sparkly jewellery to more boho jewellery. I recently purchased the Princess ring off their site, I wanted a sparkly ring that was a bit smaller and more wearable than my other two and I love it.

If you prefer more boho jewellery then I definitely recommend Shop Dixi. They have loads of bohemian pieces that feature opals and crystals. They also have an Instagram (@shopdixi) that shows off all their pieces. I have the Oberon Snow Opal ring and the Upon Her Thrown ring (both discontinued).

If you have any Jewelry brand recommendations of your own let me know in the comments.


Wednesday, 11 July 2018

I have no problem spending money, online shopping and next day delivery just make it too easy. But over the last two years of uni, I have learnt a few ways to manage my money better whilst still being able to shop (nearly) as often as I want.

5 Money Saving Tips!

1. Know your limit 
Making myself a proper budget so I know how much disposable income I've got each month has been a real game changer. I used this blog post, which I found on Pinterest, to help me. I also move all my money for my rent, phone bill and other monthly costs into a separate bank account so I know exactly what I can spend and will still be able to pay my rent. I also use an app called Fudget to track my spending.

2. Identify areas you're overspending
At the end of each month, I split my spending into categories and add up the total I spent on each of them and write it down. These categories include things like clothes, makeup, food, travel and socialising. Doing this helps me to identify where I'm spending the most money and work out where I need to save more.

3. Make use of your student discount. 
If you're a student you need to get Unidays and NUS. (Mostly Unidays though.) They have so many student discounts and offers. All of my favourite clothing websites are on there so I always use my discount to save some mula. You can also get Spotify for half price and 10% off Apple. Whenever I shop I always do a quick search for discounts.
4. Save it for later.
I love to browse clothing apps even if I'm not actually looking to buy anything. I always add things to my wishlist (most shopping apps have this) and by the time I come back to it, it's usually gone on sale. You can also use an app called Shoptagr which lets you save items you like and select the size you want then they'll send you an email when the item goes on sale.

5. Never underestimate the sale section.
Admittedly some of the stuff that's in the sale section you can see why, but there are a few hidden gems in there. I once got 5 pairs of shoes for less than £60 because they were all on sale. Also two of my favourite dresses I got for seriously cheap because they were on sale.

I hope this has been helpful, these things have really helped me to save money and manage it better. Let me know your money saving tips!

xoxo - Alice

The Affordable Skincare Routine That's Changed My Skin

Monday, 2 July 2018

Over time I've realised just how important skincare is. I realised if I wanted my makeup to look good then I needed a good canvas, to begin with. Personally, I have had times when I've gotten really lazy with my skincare routine (I'm sure we've all been there). My routines definitely developed over time and my current one is definitely my favourite.

I've gotten really into my skincare and have developed a full routine that consists of natural products and plenty of affordable products that have really made a difference to my skin. It's the best it's ever been and I don't even care about not wearing makeup. Also knowing that I'm taking care of my skin makes me feel good, it's like daily pampering session. 
I should also mention I have combination skin, sometimes it decides to be oily and at other times it decides to be dry.

The products

Makeup remover - Coconut oil

Coconut oil has many amazing beauty uses and removing makeup is just one of them. I always use coconut oil to remove my makeup because it does a good job of breaking it all down and even removes waterproof mascara. I also like that it doesn't dry my skin out and has helped to balance my natural oils.

Cleanser - Botanics Brightening cleanser or Lacura Hot Cloth Cleanser (currently unavailable) 

When it comes to cleansing I have two cleansers I reach for. I love using the Botanics All Bright cleanser with my Olay Regenerist cleansing brush because it foams up and leaves my skin feeling really clean, although it can be a little drying. If I want a more gentle cleanse I use my Lacura hot cloth cleanser with a muslin cloth. This one reminds me of the Liz Earle cleanse and polish, which I also recommend.

Serum - The Ordinary Matrixyl 10% + HA

So apparently once you hit your 20s it's time to start using anti ageing products (preventions better than a cure and all that). So, I've been using a serum by The Ordinary for the last few months upon recommendation from the internet which said that Matrixyl will make my under eyes look less purple, I'm not sure it has but it definitely makes my skin feel softer and my concealer has been creasing less.

Eye cream - Botanics Triple Age Renewal

This is a recent addition to my skincare regime. After my serum helped with my under eye creasing I decided to start using an eye cream to hydrate my under eyes even more. I've been using Botanics Triple Age Rewind (which says it's actually for maturing skin). So far it's made my under eyes feel more hydrated, I can't comment on the line reducing benefits because I haven't been using it for long enough.

Moisturiser - Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb

This is another recent purchase but so far I'm loving it. It's a gel-cream which means it's really light and you can't feel it on your skin. It's also really hydrating and my face feels so soft and smooth afterwards. I recommend.

Makeup wipes - Neutrogena Hydro Boost or Simple Micellar Water wipes

I try to avoid using wipes to remove my makeup and even tried to go without them for a bit. But then I realised I'm always going to have lazy moments now and then so I may as well keep a pack around because it's better to remove your makeup with a wipe than not at all. A lot of the time I go for Simple wipes because they do their job, can get my waterproof mascara off and are really cheap but I recently decided to try the Neutrogena Hydro Boost wipes and I'm obsessed. They remove my makeup and leave my skin feeling so soft and hydrated. I used these wipes and the Garnier moisturiser together once and my skin had honestly never felt so soft! I highly recommend.

Sheet Masks - Garnier Moisture Bomb

I've been getting really onto using sheet masks to treat my skin, they don't require as much effort as a normal face mask and they're not as messing. I've been using one every week and I love how amazing they make my skin feel afterwards. These Garnier ones are designed to hydrate your skin and leave it feeling soft and incredible. I also like to rub the residue into my skin for extra moisturisation.

And that's my routine! I feel like I've really stepped it up, I'm quite proud of myself actually. Let me know what your favourite skin care products are in the comments.

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