Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Just a quick one to wish everyone a merry Christmas!! I didn't quite manage to do all the Christmas I had planned due to Uni deadlines and I didn't quite stick to my Wednesday and Sunday schedule. But I hope you've enjoyed this years festive content regardless. I have one more post that I'm planning to post later this week before new year and then the usual Sunday schedule will resume. Have a great day everyone!!

XOXO - Alice

Six Winter Skincare Products That Are Perfect For Dry Skin (and Affordable) | The Winter Beauty Edit

Monday, 17 December 2018

All my current favourite winter skincare products to help my skin deal with the cold weather.

I have eczema on my hands and when they flared up over the summer when it was really warm, I went to the doctors and she recommended I try Aveeno. I bought the Aveeno lotion and it really helped clear up my hands. If you struggle with dry skin on your hands or body I highly recommend this cream, it also doesn’t have a scent to which makes it perfect for sensitive skin. Another moisturiser that can be used on your hands and body is Lush Dream Cream. I love Lush and this is one of my favourite products by them. Dream Cream is suitable for sensitive skin and will leave it feeling really soft. It does smell quite oaty though but I quite like it.

My lips get so dry and chapped which really annoying but the Blistex Medplus lip balm has really helped them. I put a thick layer on my lips at night and when I wake up they no longer feel dry. I also keep the EOS lip balm in Coconut Milk in my bag to use throughout the day. Not only is the packaging cute but it's good for on the go since you can apply it straight from the bullet.

Lastly, I’ve been really enjoying using my Garnier Skin Active moisturiser I use this in the morning and it’s not only hydrating but also helps get rid of blemishes. Another Garnier product I love is their Moisture Bomb Night Cream, it’s a gel-cream which means it melts into your skin and feels more lightweight than your typical moisturiser. When I wake up in the morning my skin still feels soft and hydrated; it’s my favourite night cream. 

Let me know what your favourite winter skincare products are in the comments!

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Christmas Gift Guide (Beauty Edition) - Under £50 | The Christmas Edit

Monday, 10 December 2018

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Christmas is coming! I can't believe it's December again the last few months of the year are always the quickest. Christmas is my favourite time of year, I love everything about it including browsing for gifts. I've gathered a selection of 10 gifts for under £50 which will be perfect for the beauty lovers in your life or even to add to your own wishlist.

Something From Lush

I love Lush's Christmas selection, every year they come out with amazing glitter filled festive products and the Christmas Bathtime Favourites set is filled with all their Christmas classics including their festive bath bombs: Golden Wonder, Shoot for the Stars and Butterbear.

A Makeup Palette

You can't go wrong with a nice palette. I love the packaging of the Laura Mercier Magic Hour Illuminator Palette and the highlight shades look gorgeous; I also love the rose gold packaging. The packaging of the Nars The Orgasm Infatuation Palette is also gorgeous and the palette features their classic laguna bronzer, orgasm blusher and orgasm highlighter. The Laura Geller Highlighter Duo is another amazing option and contains the shades French Vanilla and Portofino. Laura Geller is a brand I feel like people don't talk about enough, I love their baked products and used to use their french vanilla highlighter every day, it adds a lovely soft glow.

Some Skincare Treats

The Rodial At Home Facial Set would make the perfect gift for anyone who loves skincare. The set features the Snake Oxygenating & Cleansing Sheet Mask, the Pink Diamond Lifting Mask, Bee Venom Patches, their Vit C Mask and their Dragons Blood Under Eye Patches - which are my favourite. The No7 Deluxe Cleanse Collection is another amazing skincare gift inside is their No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush, their Radiant Results Nourishing Melting Gel Cleanser, the Radiant Results Revitalising Oil-free Makeup Remover and their Instant Results Nourishing Hydration Mask, it has everything you need for perfect skin.

A Makeup Set

The Stila Aura Alight Glitter & Glow set would make the perfect gift for anyone who loves to sparkle. The set contains two gorgeous highlighters and four ultra-sparkly liquid shadows which would be perfect for festive makeup looks and for new years eve. 

If you want a makeup gift set that's insane value for money look no further than Benefit's gift sets. The Benefit Sweeten Up Buttercup Holiday Gift Set contains four of Benefit's most popular products for less than half of the price of buying them all individually. The set includes Hoola Bronzer, Porefessional Primer, Gimme Brow and the Bad Gal Bang Mascara.

A Lovely Fragrance

Ted Baker products always make lovely gifts. The packaging of the Ted Baker Fragrant Set is so nice (I especially love the shape of the body lotion bottle). The set has a body wash, bubble bath, blush pink soap, body lotion, hand cream and body spray. 

A Brush Set

I've saved my favourite for last, which is the Spectrum Mean Girls 7 Piece Brush Set. It comes in a burn book box which is so cute and each brush features a quote from the movie as well. It has a variety of face and eye brushes and a silicone sponge so it would make the perfect starter set and it even has a burn book compact mirror.


Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? What's on your wishlist?
Let me know in the comments.

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Can you really define personal style? & a quick update

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Talking style journeys, style icons and having a definitive style. Plus a quick blog update.

My style journey

Personally, I have been on a journey with my personal style; like most people have. I've been into fashion ever since I can remember and when I was younger my style icons included Mary-Kate and Ashley and anyone on the Disney channel. I would also find inspiration from reading the fashion sections in my kids' magazines which were filled with brightly coloured and heavily layers looks e.g t-shirts over long sleeve tops (why was that a thing!?). As I got older my style changed with my age and became more grown up but still girlie, which I still love now. Then a couple of years ago I had a phase where I was really into edgier but still glam kinda looks and took inspiration from the edgier looks of Jesy Nelson, Perrie Edwards and Kylie Jenner.  Over the summer of this year, I got more into the looks that are popular on Instagram: cycling shorts, crop tops, joggers etc. And now I’m back to a girlier style; which could be down to the fact I’ve binge-watched all six seasons of gossip girl again.

I love taking inspiration from a range of people and I love loads of different styles from classic and girlie to more modern on-trend looks. I definitely go through phases of what I like and I enjoy having the freedom to mix it up. I love being able to dress however I want that day, some days I feel like jeans and a jumper and others I feel like wearing a blouse or even a skirt.

Style icons

I also like to have a range of style icons and believe that even if someones your style icon it doesn't necessarily mean you dress exactly like them. I have a wide range of people I look to for style inspiration from Kim Kardashian to Kate Middleton (which is quite a contrast) but I don’t dress identically to any of them. I think personal style is about finding people whose style and looks you love and mixing elements of those together to create a style that's unique to you. 

Defining personal style

I don’t think defining your style should require effort and require you to physically sit and create it, we each have a personal style naturally which we don’t necessarily need to define. I also think we shouldn’t box ourselves into a certain style category. It’s nice to sometimes wear things that are the complete opposite of what you’d normally go for. A lot of personal style videos get you to narrow your style down but I feel like you should be able to wear anything you want depending on your mood. I’m not saying a definitive style is bad, definitely not, but it’s nice to experiment.

I know this doesn’t quite flow together and is a bit of a ramble but it’s something I wanted to write about. The bottom line is don’t be afraid to experiment and don’t worry about having a definitive style. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments and I'd also love to know who your style icons are too.

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I also have a quick update, you may notice whilst I've been away the blog has had a makeover and I've renamed it The Alice May Edit. There are still a few tweaks to be made but I love how it's turned out. Have a look around if you haven't already, I've also added an insta shop page like a real fashion blogger.

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Sunday, 7 October 2018

Autumn is here! Autumn trends you need to get excited about and what I've got on my autumn wishlist.

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons I love the cosy-ness, all the colours, scented candles and hot drinks. I’m sad to see summer go but I do love autumn. I saw a quote today about autumn being the doorway to the best time of year, which is Christmas obviously, and I think that’s one of the reasons I love it so much.

Trends to Get Excited About!

I’ve seen a few posts already about Autumn trends and something that has been on all of them has been animal prints and I think my favourite so far is leopard print. It’s already everywhere so I feel like it’s going to be a big one and I’m here for it. Plus the brown shades fit the autumn colour palette so well.

Think vinyl, latex and PVC. All these have been on trend for a while and they seem to be here to stay. They might not be the comfiest of fabrics but they do bring something different to an outfit. I'm also liking the idea of wearing jumpers and glossy fabrics for a bit of a texture contrast.

I feel like tartan is a classic autumn winter trend and something that never really goes out of style. It's perfect for this time of year because it has a cosy colder weather vibe. Personally, I think a tartan skirt with a roll neck jumper tucked in and some boots would be such a cute autumn look.

This is another trend from the summer that's sticking around. Scarf prints aren't just for scarves. I haven't tried this trend yet but I think the printed wrap tops and dresses look so nice and it's something I want to try.

I think this look is really chic especially in black. A black leather dress paired with black heels would be a great night out look. I also like the look of the brown leather dress in the picture to the left since it's the perfect autumn hue.

Tweed is another classic look that never goes out of style. I think a tweed jacket and skirt is such a look, it's classic and very Chanel-esque. I've had a nice tweed jacket and skirt set on my wishlist for a while now and I've been on the hunt for the perfect set (let me know if you have any recommendations in the comments). I also think a tweed pinafore would look really nice over a blouse or jumper.

Autumn Colours

Autumn colours are a staple and come back every season. They can turn any outfit into the perfect autumn outfit. I love these colours so much especially deep berry tones. I also really like emerald green and want to add a few emerald pieces to my wardrobe. I've also seen so many nice bags in emerald, burgundy and plum, which would be perfect autumn bags. I can't wait to wear these colours again.

My Autumn Wishlist

Here's what's currently on my autumn wishlist:

Which autumn trends are your favourite? And what's on your autumn wishlist? Let me know in the comments!

(All pictures from Pinterest, collages made by me)

"Today, be the badass girl you were too lazy to be yesterday" - Christina Carlyle 

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7 Revolution Products You Need To Try!

Sunday, 2 September 2018

Revolution has quickly become one of my favourite drugstore make up brands. They’re my go-to when I’m looking for new products and I’m obsessed with their new Imogenation palettes. Here’s some products you need to try:

1. Hot Spice blusher palette

I have love warm tones so this palette is perfect. I really like the orange shade and often use it as eyeshadow in my crease. My favourite shade is the bottom right one, it’s a mixture of peach and coral and has a sheen to it which is why I love it. It gives a natural flush and gives a slight glow as well, which I’m all about.

2. Pro HD Contour kit

This was the first contour palette I ever tried and I love it. The colours suit my skin tone well (I have the light-medium palette) they’re also cool toned like contour powders should be. The white and yellow shades are really brightening under the eye and are good for cutting your contour. I really like the middle two shades on the top row too, I like to use them as transition shades for my contour.

3. Strobe highlighter Gold Addict

I love a golden highlighter and this one's really nice. It can give a powerful glow and looks great over my Iconic Illuminator drops since it’s a similar colour. I also like wearing this as an eyeshadow on my lids during the day.

4. Lip kits in Reign and Regal

Reign is a really nice daytime lip colour and Regal is a nice autumnal orange tone red. They dry down matte without being too drying and also come with matching lip liners. They have good lasting power and don’t transfer either.

5. Soph highlighter palette

I love this palette! All of the highlights are pigmented and powerful especially the baked ones. I use the gold one, the top right one and the lilac one every day; the lilac one is my favourite because it’s so pigmented but it doesn’t come out lilac on your skin. I also love the gold shade as a daytime eyeshadow.

6. Imogenation eyeshadow palette

I was so excited about this collaboration and I love the colours in this palette! Oranges, reds and copper tones are my favourites and this palette has them all. Every colour is so nice and I love the shade names. This is my new travel eyeshadow palette because it contains all my favourite colours and can be used day and night. I also love that Imogen decided to make the transition shades bigger since they get used the most. Also, all the powders are so soft and buttery.

7. Imogenation highlight to the moon palette

This is another great contour palette. I love the shade Pretty Heart for under the eyes because it’s so good at helping conceal my dark circles. The contour powders are all nice cool tone shades too and I love the highlights which are all nice and pigmented. 

Shop the post:

What are your thoughts on Revolution? What products do you recommend?

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